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New site design up and running

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Well amid the hellish realities going on in my personal life, I've decided to take into the next decade with this new website, but also coming soon a .mobi app accessible in all your lates gadgets like the iphone,, ipage, tablet pc's.


  1. author
    Daveaug 28th, 20111:29 pm

    LAbout time, I like the new design, its a bit darker and sets the tone better than the other design.

    1. author
      Valentineaug 29th, 20112:09 am

      Same here!!!

      1. author
        MikeMay 29th, 20484:21 am

        Let me know when you get the mobile apps up!!!

  2. author
    MagretMay 30th, 20115:20 pm


  3. author
    OliviaMay 31st, 204811:29 am


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