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This site is dedicated to the mysteries and Education of Psychic Vampirism. The Vampire Community is a diverse lot, with many different beliefs and belief systems. While this Site does not promote any one doctrine, the best efforts are made and maintained in order to represent them all equally. This site, written by Psychic Vampires; is dedicated to all other real Psychic Vampires from the newly awakened, to the seasoned Elders of the Vampire Community. This site is also meant to inform the public, and to dispell certain myths about Vampires.

A Psychic Vampire is a person, Who by reason of a condition of their spirit, needs to obtain vital energy from outside sources. They are unable to generate their own energy, and often times don't have the best capacity to store the energy they do have. They come from all walks of life, every religion, and political view.

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The Following Members are Currently Adminstrators of

Lono F Vespertilio


Founder of psychic and Author of "The Psychic Vampires Guide to Subtle Body Language and Psionics" published by Dark Moon Press in 2011. Lono has been an active member of the Vampire community since 1998. He has appeared in numberous publications including the 2008 "Bizarre Magazine", and on several podcasts including but not limited to Resmeralda.

The Woman Monster (TWM)


Born in British Columbia Canada, December 1984 Monster has always felt a strong pull from nature and identified as "Pagan" very early on in her development. Paths of interest include Celtic and Norse with a dabbling in Chaos and The Church of the SubGenius. TheWomanMonster as a child was very aware of the paranormal much to the dismay of parents and teachers. Later on she discovered psychic abilities including precognition and telepathy as well as a talent for dream interpretation.
She is still very much learning, as we all are.he discovered her vampiric nature in roughly 2005 after studying the subject due to concerns her boyfriend at the time might have been draining her energy fields despite her best efforts to shield. Monster identifies as a Hybrid vampire, which means she requires BOTH psychic energy and blood to maintain a proper balance within herself. Having experienced her own nature for the last 5 years TheWomanMonster has a strong personal knowledge but is less knowledgeable on vampire houses or groups as they are few and far between in her area.

More recently Monster awakened as Dragonkin, in early 2010, this is new to her so she's learning alongside other newly awakened otherkin both here and elsewhere online. One of the more interesting things about being Dragonkin is that she feels she now goes between energy drawing and energy producing states.

Currently attending a post secondary institution to study Forensics and Criminal Justice with a major in Psychology.
Monster's interests outside of include video games, art and literature, debates with friends and lots and lots of snuggles from her boyfriend.



Klara is a 25 year old medical student from Houston, Texas. She has been awakened since 2007 and has had an affinity for and sensitivity to metaphysical phenomena all of her life. She is a licensed massage therapist with a particular passion for the healing arts; she practices massage therapy, herbology, polarity therapy, and energy-integrated bodywork. Klara has an interest in combining Eastern and Western medicine as well as applied sciences regarding psychic vampirism. When not studying, Klara enjoys writing, reading, and cooking. She is also interested in linguistics, Eastern and European cultures, and international travel.

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The Following Members are currently Moderators of the Forum.

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