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This site is dedicated to the mysteries and Education of Psychic Vampirism. The Vampire Community is a diverse lot, with many different beliefs and belief systems. While this Site does not promote any one doctrine, the best efforts are made and maintained in order to represent them all equally. This site, written by Psychic Vampires; is dedicated to all other real Psychic Vampires from the newly awakened, to the seasoned Elders of the Vampire Community. This site is also meant to inform the public, and to dispell certain myths about Vampires.

A Psychic Vampire is a person, Who by reason of a condition of their spirit, needs to obtain vital energy from outside sources. They are unable to generate their own energy, and often times don't have the best capacity to store the energy they do have.

This Site is a good place to begin learning about psychic Vampirism, but it is in no means the be all and end all of sites. So often people read a book or find a site that is colored by only one perspective, and they are decieved into thinking that there is only that one perspective out there. You must decide what is right for YOU. The Resource Section contains all the information to learn about psychic vampirism, while the support section contains information on how to get connected within the community.

Even in the modern day with the advancements of technology, there are some people who still believe in the existence of supernatural beings. The most popular from all of them is the vampires. Based on the popular selling novels today, people still can’t get enough about fiction stories of vampires. In the past, these creatures haunted everyone’s dream. They were a symbol of bad omen and everything that is evil. As the years passed by, people became more obsessed with them and turned their stories into sappy love stories where vampires fell in love with human beings. Though, there are still some who believe that they are evil creatures of the night. In our articles, we will post different locations from different countries that have urban legends about vampires. We also installed Google maps so you can easily find the place. It is easy how to embed google maps into your website.

Do you believe in vampires? May be, it is one of the rare questions that we ask, most especially today that we are already in the modern world. Well, do you know that there are actually scientific reasons why some people believe that they really do exist? In movies, vampires act strangely, just like a person who is infected with rabies. Well, rabies attacks the central nervous system and it is a virus that changes the behaviors and moods of those who are infected. In fact, those people become demented and they become violent, just like vampires.

We believe that vampires do not sleep at night. It is just like people who suffer from insomnia. And that is a symptom of a person who is infected with rabies and it explains the legend which speaks about vampires being nocturnal. May be, you watched the movie Dracula for so many times, so you are familiar with the features of a vampire and it is usually agitated by water, strong smells, mirrors, and bright lights. Do you know that this story began from the time when Europe is experiencing rabies outbreaks? Well, may be, that explains why they really exist. Just check on free web directories to learn more about them.

Do you know that there are actually people who drink blood? There are varying cultures from all parts of the world and we cannot expect that all of which conforms to the norm. Of course, what we think is normal to everybody is actually not normal to some. Some of them say that we should not believe in Hollywood movies because it is not like them. And they say that vampires are actually not dead who come to life just like the resurrection of Jesus.

If we are pro or anti vampires, we could share our thoughts through videos. We can post them in our websites. All we need to do is to generate and embed these videos from YouTube and we can immediately transfer them in our blogs. It is exciting to hear the battle of two people who have conflicting sides. Let the battle begin and see whether Vampires are really true or not!

In Short, Welcome to the Online Vampire Community (OVC), You have found us....And you aren't alone.
This is NOT a Role playing site. This Site is V:TM Free.

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